Connecting to the Sabbath webcast

  • You can access the webcast from headquarters simply by going to  No password is necessary.

Sabbath service in Austin: We will have our church service tomorrow - Oct 17th - at our regular time and location. You can also connect to the webcast of our service at 2:30 p.m.; please contact Mr. Treybig for details.

Blessing of Little Children – Oct. 24. 2020. If we have little children to bless, we will do so during the service next Sabbath.

Austin’s 50th Anniversary Sabbath – Dec. 19, 2020. On this Sabbath we will have a special service commemorating the beginning of the Austin congregation in December 1970. If you have old photos or memories of the congregation in bygone decades, please share these with Danny Neal. Part of this Sabbath service will include a brief history of the Austin congregation.

Winter Family Weekend 2020: While we sincerely hope that we can host this special weekend for 2020, because of current restrictions due to COVID-19, we are assessing both “if” and “how” we can do so. We plan to make a final decision in late October—a few weeks after the Feast of Tabernacles. As a result, we recommend that members wait until that time to make any firm travel plans for the WFW.