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Fundamental Beliefs Class 13

The Sabbath, a Biblical Perspective

Handouts/Study Material:  The Sabbath, a Biblical Perspective.PDF (535 KB) Presentation Slides: The Sabbath, a Biblical Perspective.PPT (9.04 MB)  

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Idolatry, the Greatest Sin


Micah’s Idols

The Church

Fundamental Beliefs Class 12

Water Baptism

Handouts/Study Material: Water_Baptism.PDF (98.0 KB) Presentation Slides: Water_Baptism.PPT (2.06 MB)  

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The Tree of Life and God’s Holy Days

Developing the Perfect Spiritual Mind of Christ

Fundamental Beliefs Class 10

Three Days and Three Nights

Handouts/Study Material: Three Days and Three Nights.PDF (720 KB) Presentation Slides: Three Days and Three Nights.PPT (4.75 MB)  

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Fundamental Beliefs Class 9

Sacrifice of Christ

Handouts/Study Material: Sacrifice of Christ.PDF (629 KB) Presentation Slides: Sacrifice of Christ.PPT (4.72 MB)  

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